Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm exhausted, the universe is out to get me, and it may all be worth it, anyway

This week is just a little crazy. 
  • Mon: I had a job interview
  • Tues-Maya had a doctor's appointment in the morning. I had a support group meeting in the evening. 
  • Weds--I met at school with Maya's teacher, then took her to feeding therapy. 
  • Today-I worked at a consulting gig. 
  • Tomorrow-Maya has an assistive technology evaluation at school (I'll be going, too) -This happened much faster than expected, and I had an emergency phone consultation with an awesome AT guy last night to help me prep for the meeting. 
  • Saturday-I'm working at a different job
  • Sunday-Frantically clean up the house before Monday
  • Monday-A reporter (&camera man-shudder) are coming to meet with us about a possible story
Each of the 2 jobs required prep work and the trading of dozens of emails, as did the AT evaluation tomorrow.  Add to this the continued communication book making, iPad screen developing, writing, and general life responsibilities, and I am frazzled.  Maybe beyond frazzled, actually.  I'm kind of catatonic.  In the mornings, I am focused and multitasking.  When Maya comes home, I am animated and doting.  Once she's in bed, my eyes glaze over as I work on the computer, answer emails, etc.  I'm staying up too late, I'm getting up too early, and I'm willing myself to just make it through to next Tuesday. 

As is typically the case when too much is on my plate, I'm rushing and cutting corners, which inevitably makes more work for myself.  I entered my online banking code incorrectly 3 times today, got locked out of the account, and had to spend 20 minutes on the phone convincing them that I really am myself.  I'm wiped out.

Now that you understand my mental state, you'll see the humor in this story.

The job that I helped with today was grading standardized-style tests.  Last week I did some work from home to help develop rubrics for part of the test, and it was really enjoyable to work on something that was not special-needs related.  Suddenly I remembered that I used to have a career in academics, and I used to enjoy it.  I was really looking forward to sitting in a room full of adults today, coffee cup on my desk, #2 pencil in hand, and grading whatever chunk of the test I was assigned.

I opened the book to my section of the test and started grading my 3 short answer questions.  My brow furrowed as I skimmed the first answer, and I flipped back to take a look at the passage . . .

 . . . which was all about a boy who wished he could play in the NBA, but he couldn't, because he was in a wheelchair.



Screw you, universe.  All I wanted was a few hours off.  Just a little mental break. 

The last question asked "Why was Justin sad when he went to the NBA game?" and I had to read over 300 answers of "He knew he could never fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA because of his disability."


On a happier note, Maya went on her first class trip today!  Her class went to the zoo (which she loves).  Last night I made her a zoo communication board that she could bring with her today (just one laminated sheet because I knew the book would be too heavy to bring).  Her (fabulous) teacher emailed the parents some pictures, and my eyes teared up when I saw this one:

She used the board, and the teacher said she loved it.  She got to talk at the zoo.  And after she came home, she kept telling us "zoo! zoo!" (by pointing) and showing us all of the animals that she saw.  (If you ask her if she saw the penguins, she smiles and holds her nose---that penguin house is so stinky!)

 it's blurry because it's heavily cropped

This was cropped out of the group photo of all of the kids + all of their partners for the day.  Look at her clutching her words.  She's really getting attached to the word book, she knows it's how she can make herself heard.

Totally makes the late nights working on that stuff worth it, I think.


grandma said...

before i read the last sentence i already had my comment ready about how much your last minute zoo word page that kept you up late was soooo worth it!!! you beat me to it :-) and i loved sitting on the floor with her today as she showed it to me!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Maya -- Zoo! Zoo! I'm going on Sunday I think -- it's supposed to be beautiful out. Let me know if you'll be there too :)

Who's potentially doing the story on you guys?

Jon and Alyson said...

Little tears of happiness for you! Amazing that your little lady is so excited and focused on communicating with her book. Kudos mom for all the hard work...totally worth it!! =) - Alyson

jennohara said...

Awesome stuff by little miss!! She is a beautiful little girl. My Hanna has a genetic (unknown) condition as well, so I'm very honoured to "meet" you! :)

Anderson Crew said...

Hey there, we use a mixture of signs, icon/word cards, and are now also doing an assistive communication device(we have 5 kids, different things, different kids, etc)....if you want to email me familyrootedinlove @ (no spaces)-I would be happy to talk through some of the options and ways we got insurance to cover it and such.

J said...

Go Maya! It's so great that Maya can communicate with her word pages. And how great to have a wonderful mum who creates them!!Go Dana