Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Show and tell

Maya wants to show you . . . . . . .that she is not to be underestimated :)

She was eating a waffle and looking at a zoo book.  I randomly started asking her to point to animals and was floored to see how many she knows.  When did she learn these things?

Ironically, her psych evaluation says that her receptive language---words she understands---  is actually less than her expressive language---words she can say.  She can only kind of say 1 word (bye bye- "ba ba") . . . so we can infer what they're implying about her receptive abilities.  Take that, psychologist-who-was-late-and-not-engaging-at-all.  (Oh, and her special instructor knows all of the names of the Little People---the only one that I know is Maggie)

Parker wants to show you . . . his new shoes.

(How embarrassing)

They're for function, not fashion. He was so psyched to have his stitches out (post-neuter) and be free to run, but quickly cut open 2 of his paw pads on ice :( So now he has rubber booties to protect his feet.

And, just for fun, here's some video of Parker running at the dog park this morning :)
(If you watch closely, at 0:05 and 0:21 you can see my boot pop into the screen as I kick the ball. I am a master high-kicker.)

(As always, if you don't see the videos, just click the play buttons and they will appear)


grandma said...

phenomenal job maya!!!!! and good job high kicking too dana :-)

kris said...

dumb psych eval! maya did such an awesome job!! good pointing...she's almost ready for where's waldo? ;)

i agree with your mom, the high kicks (on snow and ice!) are impressive.

Angela said...

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