Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party City is on fire!

No, for real. 

It was like, literally, on fire when we were there tonight. Well, kind of.


Here's the story:

We got to Party City, went inside, and start searching for Maya's Halloween costume (we have a plan, just not a costume).  The general Party City atmosphere is an affront to the senses: violently vibrant, chaotically crowded, needlessly noisy, busy and bustling.  So much so that I was wandering in my own little bubble and turned to call to Dave & Maya "Hey! I found the costumes!" as he quickly approached and said "Um, dude, that's the fire alarm.  We've got to get out of here." 

It was only then that I noticed the flashing strobe lights and mildly annoying "wah-wah . . . wah-wah . . . wah-wah" of the alarm. 

Side Note: If your fire alarm system is only ever so slightly more aggitating that the general state of your store, you may need to install something more, um, alarming.

We've been evacuated:

Fire trucks are a-comin'! (That's my suprised face.  To all of you younger readers, take note, when you're 30 your "suprised face" may also cause triple chins.  This may be the last time you see a suprised face.)

(Sirens are loud)

Party on the sidewalk!

The Party City employees are clearly very concerned about the state of the store. (They're in the black shirts & khaki pants, lounging outside of the movie theater.)

They decided not to let customers back in to shop, so we had to give up and head home.

Just another typical evening :)

If you're a Facebook follower, or friend of mine, you might know that Maya is under the weather.  She has a pretty nasty cough, and may have cough variant asthma.  We're probably headed back to the pediatrician tomorrow, and we're doing nebulizer treatments 3x a day for now.  Thanks for your good thoughts :)


Anonymous said...

Cute pics!
The evil side of me thinks you should have taken the costume with you.

Feel better Maya!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy what you write so much. I hope Maya is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

So much for a "boring" Sunday! Loved the pictures along with it. Hope Maya feels better soon!

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