Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer, with pictures

We love having Daddy home . . .

Future career paths for Maya:

Therapist (Grief Counselor?)
Prior to Father's Day dinner, Maya breaks the news to 3 unfortunate lobsters that tonight is not their night . . .  (while Parker looks on and thinks "Oh, I just can't bear to watch!")

Artist Extraordinnaire
We did an art project for Dave's last day of school (it says "Happy Last Day of School, Daddy!").  Maya created a masterpiece, and then destroyed in, in true temperamental artist style.

We inherited a kitchen from Collin & Emerson, which works perfectly with the pots & pans that she got for her birthday and loves playing with.

A taste for me . . .                                                            And a taste for you too, Parker!

Parker, it's story time.  Listen up! (Just noticed that the book that she's reading--The Big Red Barn, a fave here---is upside down.  Perhaps she wouldn't be the best librarian.)

(Side note: Parker loves that ramp.  Loves. That. Ramp.  Dave and I laugh every night, watching Parker's determination to nap at the top of the ramp.  He climbs up, lays down . . . slides down.  Huffs.  Lays at the bottom of the ramp and sighs.  After a few minutes, repeats the cycle.  Over and over and over.)


Lisa and Joe Bisti said...

Great post, Dana!! Love the pics.

grandma said...

great,great,great pics!!!and maya is quite the busy girl---a therapist(kind of like grandpajoe)or just eat the lobsters(like grandpa!!),an artist so i can add her paintings to my wall with collin's and em's(at least she didn't fling paint like pollock or cut off her ear like van gogh!), a chef(her mommy is a great cook)or librarian(maybe libray of house of reps like uncle brian). and the visual of parker and the ramp is just priceless!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dana you are definitely starting to get funnier...

Anonymous said...

The pic of her with the lobsters coupled with your commentary is HILARIOUS. -Shirin

lisa said...

she is just so cute! so glad she's enjoying the kitchen! it's the perfect size for her!! and parker is hysterical with the ramp! yay! :)

Val said...

So I know this is way behind since the post is a year old (just found the blog from a link to Amsterdam International...LOVE IT!), but I literally laughed out loud and had laughing tears in my eyes about the dog trying to nap on the ramp. My dog thinks she can run up the sliding board. I don't read many blogs religiously but I think you will be one. (I have a son with Down syndrome and special needs blogs are the only ones I read.)