Monday, January 11, 2010

Other projects

Besides the paintings and new couches, we started a bunch of other projects over break:

-Dave made a fantastic shadowbox using old Scrabble tiles (we got a new set for Christmas):

-We uploaded, cleaned out, organized and ordered 1,320 pictures from Yes, one thousand three hundred twenty. (That's typed out for emphasis). Some of these are fairly recent:
(fingerpainting this fall)

Some are older:

(first haircut in August)

Some are really old:

(first day home from the hospital, June 2008)

Some are super duper old (like my baby shower, April 2008). That's about as far back as we go. Who wants to come slap these things into albums?


Lisa said...

So cute!!! look at that sweet little baby face!!!!!

Dana, I think she looks more and more like you every time we see her!

Anonymous said...

*LOVE* the scrabble photo! -Shirin