Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's been 3 days since Maya's adenoid surgery and she is recovering well. She has periods of whiny-ness, sometimes is eating a bit less than usual, is super congested, and is not 100% herself. But she's recovering from surgery and teething (no teeth yet, but the front bottom two are so close!), so we're just waiting and giving the occasional Tylenol.
The doctor said that the adenoids were at least as big as when he last saw them (he thinks that they were slightly bigger) and that the surgery went smoothly. She was VERY tired afterwards and wouldn't eat until after 1pm (surgery was done at about 8:10am) so we had to spend a good part of the day in the hospital. We watched her sleep and tried once an hour or so to wake her up and feed her. We shared the large room with a few other kids who were also coming out of similar surgeries (Maya was the youngest by a few years). Here is a glimpse into what the day looked like:

Our bracelets, and Maya's anklet

Daddy & Maya in the pediatric play/waiting room (notice the pout . . .she was getting hungry and we were trying to distract her)

Pom-poms are a good distraction

I LOVE pom-poms!

Hmm, these pjs may be a bit too big

Dressed up before the surgery

Maya & Mommy (in scrubs) heading down to the operating room

Immediately after surgery

Getting wheeled upstairs to Maya's crib


Clearly, still drugged up

This is how I feel, Dad

No, no food! I mean it!

Seriously, back off guys. I'm beat.

Starting to play

Hi everybody!

Cutting off the IV board & tape . . . FREEDOM!


lisa said...

Poor little Maya!!!! Those pictures are adorable! The pjs certainly are a bit big, and she looks SO cute laughing at the pom poms!!!! I'm so glad she's recovering well! Hopefully this will make her more comfortable! :)

grandma said...

it was a long day and thank god it's over. maya was such a little trooper---and you and dave were big troopers!!!! won't it be funny not to hear maya snoring anymore--eventually!