Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Talking (well, kind of) & talking (well, kind of)

Two talking stories:

1.  The other night I went to check on Maya on my way to bed, and could quickly smell that she needed a diaper change.  Ugh.  I didn't want to wake her up, so I tried to carefully lift her, lay her on the changing pad, and change her.  I was gingerly moving her around and her eyes were closed, but she kept shaking her head from side to side.  Then I saw her hands moving, and when I looked to see what she was doing, she was signing "More, more, more!"   I could barely suppress my laughing as I went to tell Dave:  "She was just talking in her sleep!!!"  Priceless :)

2.  As far as actual babbling goes, if you ignore Maya long enough she may start talking.  I know that a lot of folks have never actually heard her, since she's kind of a quiet watcher around a lot of activity, so here's a video from dinner today: (By the way, no need to adjust your volume---it takes her a while to warm up, be patient.  And I have no idea what she was trying to tell me, but it may have been about the crumbs on her tray.)

Also, to prepare Maya's dinner I had to leave her unattended for about 2 minutes.  When I peeked into the living room this is what I saw:

(I can almost hear Parker thinking "Oh, she's coming!  You're going to be in troub-ble!")

(Dave pointed out that this whole episode is very "Calvin & Hobbes")

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